What is the State of SEO in 2014?


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the science of optimizing a website or blog for better ranking in search engines. There have been lots of changes these past few years about SEO technics and what used to work is not anymore, or it is being detrimental. So, what is the state of SEO in 2014?

This video was taken during the SEO Rockstars summit in 2013 and the speaker explains what the state of SEO is in 2013 with a short history of SEO. Now, in February 2014, you have the data and studies that enable you to get your website or blog get ranked higher and avoid to make a costly mistake and being de-indexed.

State of SEO in 2014

SEO should be now renamed FSEO for Forbidden Search Engine Optimization. We used to haveblack hat, grey hat and white hat SEO… but, now all kind of action in a bid to manipulate a website ranking is against Google’s Terms of Service. This means that working on getting backlinks can kill your money site if you are not careful.

This is what should be SEO according to Matt Cutts, Web Spam director at Google:

“I think a SEO’s job has always been to make compelling, great, fantastic content, the sort of content that people want to share.”

“A good SEO in my opinion is just like a good coach, they see what you have to say and then help guide you about better ways to say it. And so it is not just thinking about search engines, it is thinking about conversions, how do I make a site that resonates with people, so they do what you would like them to do whether buy a product or sign up for a newsletter or whatever it is you are interested in.”

As you can see, this is not about creating back-links, but creating good quality content that appeal to people and compel them to share your content. It seems that natural sharing and interaction on your site or other sites is what can make the difference in your SEO in 2014.

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