What is your Personal Development Plan?


You are not satisfied of what you have in your life right now and you want to change. The problem is that if you do nothing, everything will stay the same. You are where you are right now because of who you are. If you want to get a different outcome in your life, you have to become another person. In order to do that, you have to have a personal development plan.

For many years I have been content with my life and the jobs I have had. Ten years ago I decided to get more in life and started to learn Internet marketing. I have had some success with online marketing, especially these 5 past years, and it has improved my life financially a lot. I would not have what I have now if I hadn’t started to explore other opportunities.

I found myself trapped in a certain level of income, not knowing what to do in order to progress in life. The, I understood that I had neglected my personal development and it is what was holding me back. Just a year ago, I joined Big Idea Mastermind and understood that self-development was as most important as learning Internet marketing technics.

I didn’t have a personal development plan!

I didn’t have a personal development plan prior to January 2012 and a year later I can tell that I have learned and changed a lot in my way of thinking. Consequently, I was able to make better decisions, started to do things I haven’t done before and new things came to me. I am starting to see now that it is possible to have big dreams and that nothing is impossible as long as you believe and take consistent action.

What should be your personal development plan?

This is very simple: read books and listen to audios  

I tell you what I am doing, this has been my personal development plan for a year:

– I read self-development books from successful people like “The law of success”, “Think and Grow Rich” or “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”. I read 30 minutes everyday. I was not a person who like to read before, now I am.

– I listen to a self-development audio everyday for at least one hour. I do that during my downtime when driving or drinking my coffee. I listen to Bob Proctor, Les Brown, Tonny Robbins and the Empower Network’s Inner Circle audios.

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As you can see this is a very easy personal development plan: Read and listen!

Do it for 30 days and I can tell you that you won’t be able to stop.

What this will do is re-program your brain and be in a state of mind supportive to your success.

Try it with me, join here.

Michel Gerard

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