What Mindset do You Have for your Own Business?


Avoiding the “Money” mindset for your own business:

In order to succeed in your own business online you have to have the correct mindset. Lots of people who are trying Internet marketing have only in mind the word “Money”. What about changing this to “providing good services”, “giving value” or “over delivering” to customers?

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If your intention in your own business on the Internet is to provide value to customers, but also prospects, it is very likely that you will make sales and see money coming in. In the contrary, if you have the “make money” only attitude without providing real value, but just the product people have paid for, it will be difficult to sustain the business in the long term.

On the Internet, the clue is to provide value for a service people need to have and over deliver. If the service or the product you sell is $25, give your customers $75 in value. This way, they will be satisfied of their purchase, happy to deal with you, and are most likely to spend even more with you in the future.

Of course, if you are selling a physical product like a coffee machine for $25, you are not going to give them 2 more units for free to give them value. What you can do is provide something that will cost you nothing, but of a great value. If you are selling coffee machines, you could provide a DVD, or member login to a website that explains in details how to brew coffee with the machine, or provide them with coffee recipes…

Your Own Business Should Provide Value and Over Deliver

How do you provide value to prospects and customers?

You do so in giving them free information on your website or blog, and with articles written for your Newsletter. This way, people will see that you have genuine interest in helping them with solutions instead of a quick sale. Giving value to customers is also having good customer support in place.

How do you over deliver to your customers?

Whatever you are selling online in your own business, you can make the product more complete and give away features that you concurrents don’t. If you are selling digital products, it is extremely easy to over deliver. You may give away an eBook, a video training course, an audio or anything that will fit with the product you are selling.

These additional bonuses will cost you a bit of money at first to buy or have them made, but they will cost nothing to distribute to thousands of people. A $50 give-away that costs you nothing can really help you to make that $25 sales. Think about it!

Adopt the proper mindset for your own business and you won’t regret it.

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