What Should you Post on your FaceBook Profile?


Are you using your FaceBook profile to promote your online business? If you do, what kind of content should you post on your FaceBook profile? There is content you should post, but there is also content you should not post on your wall.

What content can you post on your FaceBook profile?

Basically, never post on your FaceBook wall something your mother or your grand-ma won’t like to see. Photos of yourself running naked on a beach or a busy night party with sexy-girls and booze won’t do any good for your business.

Even if you use your profile for private life and a page for business, there will always be a time when your clients and prospects come across your FB profile. If you intend to post such content, you’d better have a second FaceBook account to share private stuff with your buddies.

Now, what can you post on your wall to engage your friends?

Whatever online business you are in, you should post 6 to 8 posts per day on your wall at different times. The more the better.

Post on your wall:

– Lifestyle statuses and photos to show your audience who you are in life.

– Your words of wisdom or others’.

– Value based information.

– Inspirational photos, quotes and links.

– Provoking and engaging thoughts with question.

– Social Proof of results or income by yourself or others.

– Invitation to check out your FaceBook group and Fan page.

– Your blog posts or videos.

– Other people’s content.

As you can see there is lots to do with FaceBook marketing on your personal profile.

Do not forget to put your link at the bottom of each post, if you want people to visit your site.

You may also use #hashtags, but this will be the subject of another blog post.

I hope this article will be useful to you.

Have a nice day.

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