Where to find a USB Blue Microphone in Bangkok


If you are reading this post, you are probably looking for a decent USB microphone to plug into your Mac or PC. I have been searching for a month a reseller of the well-known Blue microphones in Bangkok and finally a surprise was waiting for me last evening…

I chose at first the Snow Flake microphone, which is small and portable, but unfortunately the IT shops in Bangkok didn’t have it. After trying to locate one online, a shop in Singapore had it, but the FedEx was nearly as expensive as the microphone.

I then decided to research other models and checked several reviews and test videos on Youtube. I had 3 options, Blue Snowball (3,990.00 THB), Blue Yeti (7,490.00 THB) and Blue Nessie(4,990.00 THB).

This video review convinced me to buy the Blue Nessie.
Blue Microphones Nessie — REVIEW + Sound Test

The best microphone for under $100! (Blue Microphones Nessie -- REVIEW)

The problem was to find a shop in Bangkok that had it, or maybe find a second-hand deal…

The online Apple store in Thailand doesn’t have it or any other microphones, the physical stores I went to didn’t have any microphones at all…

I tried to buy it from the Apple store in Singapore… and they don’t ship to Thailand.

What’s hilarious is when you order from the Thailand Apple store, products are shipped fromSingapore!

Buying from the US was a last option…

… until I found ProPluggin, which is a shop in Bangkok that sells professional audio equipment.

Where to find a USB Blue Microphone in Bangkok

Propluggin has 6 branches:

สาขา CentralWorld    ชั้น 4 โซน Atrium เลขที่ K4-03 (ติดบันไดเลื่อน)    Hotline: 085-4444-718
สาขา Central Ladprao    ชั้น B (ชั้นใต้ดิน) เลขที่ FP 36    Hotline: 085-4444-193
สาขา Fortune Town    ชั้น 3 เลขที่ 032 (หน้าลิฟท์แก้ว)    Hotline: 080-770-3587
สาขา Fortune Town    ชั้น 3 เลขที่ 3E72-73 (ลานกิจกรรม)    Hotline: 098-260-8033
สาขา Gateway Ekamai    ชั้น 3 โซน IT    Hotline: 080-770-4527
สาขา Ladprao    เลขที่ 671/4 ลาดพร้าวปากซอย 5/1    Hotline: 081-372-8799


I advise you to phone them before you go and make sure that they have the microphone you want. If they are out of stock, they can order for you, but it will take 30 days. I had mine delivered on the same day for a 200 THB extra.

This is their website:

USB Microphones

Blue Nessie

I would have been glad to read an article telling me where to go in Bangkok, but there were none.

I am please I have saved you some research time.


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