Where to Find Your Online Affiliate Program?


Online Affiliate Program:

You have a website with traffic that you want to monetize, but you do not have a product of your own to sell online. No worries! There are thousands of possibilities to find one online affiliate programthat will fit your audience.

If your website is about how to take care of goldfish and aquariums, in addition to give visitors your tips and experience you can show them products related to this niche that they will be interested in.

Affiliates programs can be independent or listed in an affiliate Network. In order to find the online affiliate program you are looking for, you may first start by visiting the different affiliate networks: ShareAsale, LinkShare and Commission Junction (CJ).

You will first need to sign-up for the affiliate network, which is easy. After they have approved your application, providing you have listed your website’s URL, you will be ready to search for an online affiliate program that fits your site. Search for “Fish”, “Aquariums”, “Golden Fish”, etc…

Each program is listed with the commission you will earn per sale, samples of creatives to use and some other data like the EPC of the program, which can give you a good idea of how well it is doing in the Network for other affiliates.

Online Affiliate Program

Another simple way to find an online affiliate program is just to Google it: “niche affiliate program” or for example “aquariums affiliate program” or “affiliate program aquarium”. You can then check which one has the products you want to promote with the best commission for yourself.


It is better to choose a program that has the maximum of choice so you can keep your affiliation simple and track your commissions easily under one roof. Amazon’s affiliate program is a great possibility and is very easy to use, but their commission structure is usually lower than other merchants.

After you have identified and join the online affiliate program of your choice, you have to decide which creative to use. Banners convert better if they are placed above the fold of your site. Text links can be spread all other your content and become more like resource link than advertisement.

If the Merchant has a data-feed, this is a great way to recommend products as you can build a separate section of your site for a shop that will display the content of the data-feed, images, title, description and price of each item. You can use part of the feed or all of it.

You can also base your search for an online affiliate program on the creative you want to use that will work best for you.

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