Why did I join the Empower Network?


Empower Network:

I have been marketing online for quite some time now, not only as an affiliate but also as an affiliate manager for consumer products. As I developed my skills in paid traffic advertising, I wanted to join a business opportunity instead of promoting individual ClickBank products. It is through High Traffic Academy and Vick Strizheus’s Big Idea Mastermind that I joined the Empower Network.

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Not only Vick, who is my sponsor, made me aware of this great opportunity, but he created his amazing Big Idea Mastermind’s group in which I am a funding member. Vick showed us that it is possible to make big money with the Empower Network during a testing period of 43 days (from Dec 20 – Jan 31st) that brought in exactly $790,079.00 and continues to add around $18,000 per DAY on average.

These results are extraordinary as Vick is a very experienced Internet marketer, but it shows that the Empower Network is not a scam. The average person who takes consistent action on the 8 core commitments that the company has will make sales generally faster than any other business opportunity out there. The commission is also 100%, which make the income grow faster.

Empower Network

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Empower Network

The Empower Network is also a movement of people who want to earn money for themselves and help others do the same in the process. Dave Wood & Dave Sharp are terrific leaders and they show by their actions that they care for the people. They own the company but not only talk the talk , but walk the walk, in making money promoting the same products using the same methods they teach us to do.

I have not been in Empower Network that long, but I already see positive results in my personal and professional development. My blog gets more and more traffic, I get leads and sale.

Empower Network

As soon as the Big Idea Mastermind is launched, which will be anytime soon, results will explode I am convinced.

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