Why Did Steve Jobs Die?Why Did Steve Jobs Die?


Steve Jobs:

Throughout most of his life Steve Jobs was considered a very healthy vegetarian person. It has been said that Steve Jobs acted foolishly in delaying a cancer surgery, which may have saved him. Steve Jobs and his family regreted this decision.

Dr. John McDougall explains in this video that Steve Jobs decision has nothing to do with the final outcome.

“Why Did Steve Jobs Die?” from the McDougall Advanced Study Weekend, February 2012.

Steve Jobs

According to Dr. John McDougall, Steve Jobs was exposed to chemical and lead while working in the computer industry when he was a teenager.

This is a snapshot of when the cancer started and developed:

>> Cancer began at age 24
>> Cancer spread at age 27
>> Cancer first seen on CAT scan October 2003 (age 48)
>> Surgery performed on July 31, 2004 (age 49)
>> Death at age 56.

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