Why Family Blogs are Great for Kids and Adults?


Family blogs for parents and children:

I have come across family blogs a few times and I really like to read articles of children along those of their parents. I have mostly seen Travel blog of families going abroad for a while and telling their adventure every day. They have been on a boat sailing around the world or in an exotic country.

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The fact is that you do not need to travel abroad to write family blogs. I am a believer of having children contribute blog posts in order to practice their writing in a way that will interest them. Since their younger age they are used to technology and using a sheet of paper and a pencil to write a story is not really fun. It seems more like school…

In the contrary, using technology and a blog, can appeal to them better. If the parents show the example in writing posts about different family activities or family events, this can encourage the children to follow. Family blogs can be a way to unite the family around a common activity.

Teenagers can find in blogging a way to express themselves and keep together stories they will be happy to read again later in their life. This is certainly a healthier activity than posting useless discussions in FaceBook. In the contrary he blog posts can be posted in FaceBook and engage more intelligent comments.

Family Blogs or Vlogs

Family blogs can not only be used to write and post articles, but also videos. If the blog has only videos it becomes a video blog or “vlog”. Vlogs are becoming more and more popular these days as lots of people are having cameras in their mobile phones

family blogs

Adding videos to family blogs is a great idea to share with others some special moments of your life. In every family there are isolated people, a grandma living 500 kilometers away, who would be happy to have news more often and see the children grow. Posting videos would just help the family get in touch.

But, I already do that on FaceBook! Why would I need a blog? Well, social media platforms come and go. Hi5 or mySpace used to be very popular, now it is FaceBook. For how long? Do you really want your stories, images or videos be lost when the social media you have been using is shut down?

Family blogs, at the condition you use a paid service or self-host the software, will keep all your content safe. You control what you want on it and how long you want to keep it. Freedom to post links to wherever you want, freedom to talk about your business if you wish.

You don’t know how to blog?
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I hope this article has been useful to you and I am awaiting to read your family blogs.

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