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The Internet Lifestyle Network has a WordPress blogging platform that is very newbie friendly and designed to suck-in leads. I have tested the system and it is possible if you are a newbie to set your WordPress blog in 5 minutes. The Internet Lifestyle Network blog is awesome.

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There are different blogging platforms that I use. The first one is self-hosted WordPress, I have several WP blogs on my server and the main one is www.pantika.com. And then I have theEmpower Network proprietary blogging system from which you are reading this post.

Get an Internet Lifestyle Network blog – Newbies

I recommend beginners who want to start a WordPress blog to get an account with the Internet Lifestyle Network. The advantage is that in a few clicks your blog is set-up and running, there are videos to explain in detail how to use the different options, an extensive FAQ and good support.

If you go by yourself with a self-hosted blog you are going to meet lots of challenges and it is not uncommon to hear people say that it took them several months before they can publish their first post. I you go with the free WordPress.com blogging platform you are going to feel their limitations and your posts will hardly rank in search engines.

The Internet Lifestyle Network blog is a simplified WP blog with all you need to make it work. You choose a template, customize it, configure the opt-in forms to your auto-responder and start blogging. That is so easy.

See my Internet Lifestyle Network WordPress Blog Tour

Get an Internet Lifestyle Network blog – Experts

Even experts can benefit from using an Internet Lifestyle Network blog. You do not have to go through the set-up of your next blog and can start blogging in the next 5 minutes. Knowing how to install and set-up WordPress will not help you save time as you will still need several hours before it is completely set-up.

The other advantage I personally see is that you can get a blog on another IP address and this is good for Search Engine Optimization if you have to link them together. You do not have to buy another hosting account and go through all the trouble. With ILN, you can also create multiple blogs.

This is easy to launch your next niche blog and the best of all is that you are allowed to create blogs for your clients. You pay your monthly fee and with one account you can manage blogs for your clients. The day they want to go on their own, you export the data for them and delete the blog.

Get an Internet Lifestyle Network blog – Affiliates

With an ILN blog you are immediately in business if you decide to promote the Internet Lifestyle Network. You can content yourself selling two memberships and get yours for free, or you can build a six figure income if you commit yourself to the business. There is a system in place that can help you make the sales that you deserve quickly.

The Internet Lifestyle Network is not a MLM company and that’s a good thing for those who are allergic to MLMs…

ILM is a regular affiliate program that pays you 50% recurring on every entry sales you make. The blog is only one of the products that is sold with several high quality Internet Marketing courses and there are other products with different level of commissions that your customers can buy afterwards.

There are also other options inside the member area to increase your commission levels and income. I will let you discover this by yourself.

Get an Internet Lifestyle Network blog – Cost

The cost for an account is only $37 per month for the blog system and all the top Internet marketing training, Webinars and access to a fantastic community of entrepreneurs. There is no additional cost to resell the blog as you are a customer and affiliate automatically.

If you resell the Internet Lifestyle Network twice you are already in profit as you get paid $20 monthly recurring per sale. Try to get this with your self-hosted blog!

No guarantee of income can be made, but your fee could become +$3 easily.

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you’d like to get this blog, click here.

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