Why you Should Have a Business even if you Love your Job!


There are two kinds of people. The entrepreneurs and those who work for the entrepreneurs. In which category are you? May be you are in both categories and I can only congratulate you.

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Why you Should Have a Business even if you Love your Job!

There are lots of people who are happy with the job they have and that is fine, but most of the time these people are unhappy with the pay they get. If you are in a job, you are paid for your time and your salary has a ceiling. You can’t work more hours than what is legally allowed and you have to wait for the next increase for more money.

Most people are caught in their daily routine, going to work not thinking that what they think is a secure life is in fact very insecure. Even if you are a top employee in your company, you are disposable. If you get laid off in your twenties and thirties, you still have good chances to find another job. If you are in your fifties, that’s another story.

While you are working a job, what prevent you from creating other sources of income. There are always ways you could earn money in your free time. Depending on your abilities you could easily find something to do in your community or from home. What about tutoring students? Writing articles for the local newspaper? Selling products to your community?

Nowadays, the Internet has made earning an additional income from home easy. These are a few things you could do:

– sell products on eBay
– write and sell an eBook or video course
– sell other people’s products (affiliate)
– Blog and sell advertisement
– Have an eCommerce site selling whatever you want
– join a Network company
– freelance for online jobs

Having an extra activity online taking you only a few hours per week could pay for a monthly car payment or your house mortgage. After a while this part-time income could equals or surpass your salary and this would enable you to have options and be more financially secure in the event you lose your job.

If you don’t know what to do online to earn an additional income, I will be happy to tell you what I am doing and direct you to a solution.

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