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Empower Network Blog:

Why do you think big corporations have blogs? They have blogs in addition to their corporate website to help promote their products, give news to their prospects and clients, and communicate with them. On a blog you can post your own articles, have guest articles and have your readers interact with you in the comment section, share and like your content with FaceBook, Twitter and the many other social media. All these contribute to better exposure and more sales at the end of the day.

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If you have been considering blogging for pleasure or business, I’d like to show you why you should use the Empower Network blog:

– The Empower Network blog is already set-up and updates are done for you.

– All necessary plugins that you need are already installed and updated when new versions are made.

– If you own the Empower Network blog, you can become an affiliate and resell the blog and earn 100% commission. That means a $25 in your pocket per month for each friend you refer.

– If you are an affiliate you can use the main template with all the ad in place to help you sell the blogging system. The sales funnel is in place to do the hard work for you. You just have to blog.

– You can use 2 other templates available, change the header and background, re-arrange the widgets, place your own banners, and even more… very easily.

– The Alexa rank of the Empower Network blog at the date of this writing is 431. It was around 510 when I started to blog… and it will become one of the top 10 in Alexa soon. All members’ blogs have the same Alexa rank, which is a huge advantage over the competition.

– The Empower Network blog has high authority because all members writing blog posts contribute to the wealth of content on the domain. It is impossible not to get traffic to your post each time, and your post rank higher and faster than other blogs for the keyword you have chosen.

– The blog has an “easy mode” option for people who are new to blogging. Everything is simplified and explained. You just have to blog.

– The blog has a SEO plugin ready to help you optimize your blog posts. Just follow what the plugin says and you will receive the traffic you deserve.

– The blog is “comment” ready powered by Livefyre. No need to figure out how to set this up, this was done for you.

– If you are an affiliate, you can connect your auto-responder to the blog and start collecting leads that will become your customers.

– You do not need to buy a domain name and hosting. You don’t have to deal with the data center.

– And you don’t have to install, update and maintain WordPress yourself.

– You do not have to worry of the Empower Network blog being down!

Empower Network Blog

If after reading this list of advantages and still want to struggle setting up your own blog, or struggle with traffic because you like free stuff like Blogger or WordPress.com… what is wrong with you?

Empower Network blog is only $25 per month and all you have to do is blog.

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Empower Network Blog

Happy blogging…

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