WordPress Cloud Hosting Cheap and Easy!


If you have been looking at hosting your WordPress website with a top WordPress cloud hosting company without braking the bank, then you have come to the right place.

WordPress Cloud Hosting Cheap and Easy!

For those like me who are used to more traditional hosting like shared hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS), or dedicated server, cloud hosting is a game changer.

After being on a VPS hosting with 8 WordPress blogs and paying $720 a year for years, I finally made the move to a WordPress cloud hosting company called Cloudways.

I am so glad that I did the move, because my bill is now $12 a month, my websites are ultra fast, including this one, and I love it.

Wordpress Cloud Hosting

If you would like to start a free trial, click here.

I am a Cloudways customer hosting www.michelgerardonline.com and also a Cloudways affiliate, which means I will earn a small commission at no cost to you if you decide to sign-up with them for a paid account.

But, I’m not writing this to earn a commission. My previous hosting company also had an affiliate program and I never promoted them. Cloudways is just too awesome not to write about.

When I wanted to move to another web host in December 2019, I researched companies and wanted to have not only WordPress cloud hosting, but also hosting for regular HTML websites and a couple of PHP apps.

It was difficult to navigate through what’s available and I remembered a video I watched by Jerry Banfield talking about Cloudways and I decided to give them a try.

What I like compare to other WordPress cloud hosting companies is that you have a choice between 5 cloud providers, which are DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, aws and Google Cloud.

WordPress cloud hosting providers

I admit that I chose the cheapest option, which is DigitalOcean with the lowest server size to get started with because most of my WordPress sites are regular and low traffic.

If you have a high traffic website, you may want a higher plan or go with Amazon or Google Cloud. What is great is that you can get started and upgrade your plan as you progress.

This is something you can’t easily do with traditional hosting. Where I was before, I wanted to downgrade because we had moved one huge website out of the server, and we didn’t need that many resources anymore. Well, our option for that was the previous plan which had no cPanel. The opposite was true as well for upgrading, which would have been a dedicated server.

Once again, WordPress cloud hosting with Cloudways is scalable.

I have now one Cloudways server with 8 WordPress websites on it and when necessary, I can easily create another server and move 4 of them to it, or raise my server size. If I want I can have one server for me, and one for clients.

When I first tried CloudWays, I was a bit concerned by the control panel, which is so different from cPanel and customer support because when you can buy hosting at $10 a month, you don’t expect it to be that good.

Let me tell you that both are excellent.

The control panel is a bit of a learning curve, when you are used to cPanel, but it is so much superior.

This is the control panel for the server.

WordPress cloud server

And this is the control panel for your WordPress website.

You have everything to run your WordPress website. One thing that I really liked is the SSL certificate because it takes the click of a button to install SSL on your website with a Free certificate.

Cloudways apps

The second thing that is awesome is support because I had lots of websites to move over and without knowing the control panel that much, I expected issues.

They responded and solved all issues I had in a very timely manner and as you can see, I needed support when I started and now server and websites are running lick clockwork!

Cloudways support

Good support is the most important when choosing your WordPress cloud hosting company.

I really invite you to give them a try.

If you are wondering how you can move your WordPress blog from your old hosting to Cloudways, that’s also  easy and fast. You just have to install a plugin on your WordPress website and create an application for it on Cloudways, then follow the instruction, and voilà!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post telling you how happy I am with my new WordPress cloud hosting company and I will certainly make a more complete review and also tutorials on how to use Cloudways.

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