WordPress Optimization Made Easy


I wanted to do that for a long time, but wasn’t sure if I could go through with the project… It’s now done “WordPress Optimization Made Easy” ~ Rank Your Blog Higher And Faster With Five Easy To Implement Optimization Technics ~ is now available in the kindle store on Amazon.com

You can get it here, only $2.99 (in the USA) for 55 pages of actionable content with 60 screenshots.

WordPress Optimization Made Easy on Amazon.com

Wordpress Optimization Made Easy


“WordPress Optimization Made Easy” contains five easy to implement optimization technics that you can use on your blog to rank higher and faster in search engines.

The book is divided in 5 chapters with detailed and actionable step by step instructions with screenshots. If you follow the WP optimization technics in this book there is no doubt that you will see more visitors to your blog.

Beginner friendly.


– Preface
– Chapter 1: Blog Basics
– Chapter 2: Blog Posts Optimization
– Chapter 3: Site Maps and Google Webmaster Tools
– Chapter 4: Pinging Your Blog Posts
– Chapter 5: Social Media Integration
– Conclusion

ASIN: B00P150RE8

PRICE: $2.99

Wordpress Optimization Made Easy

Buy it here: WordPress Optimization Made Easy

WordPress Optimization

WordPress Optimization is very important if you want to rank your blog higher and faster in search engines. It is not difficult when you know how to WP optimize. That’s just a few guidelines, a couple of WP optimize plugins and you are on your way to an awesome WordPress performance optimization.

So many bloggers just don’t do it… they are losing big way.

When the blog is setup, the plugins installed, it is a breeze to optimize each post. This may take only 5 additional minutes of your time while writing your post.

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How to do your WordPress Optimization

WordPress optimization is easy, start today.

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