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Each time that you publish a new blog post, the URL is pinged to ping services to let the world wide web know that new content has just been published. By default WordPress has only one service listed for pinging, which is pingomatic.com. We can do much better than that and this is below the WordPress ping list I use to ping my blog posts.

WordPress ping list

If you have any suggestion of services to add to this WordPress ping list, comment below.

WordPress Ping List

WordPress Ping List 2014 (27 October 2014)

What to do with this WordPress ping list?

In your WordPress back-office you have to copy and paste this WordPress ping list in the Update Services section located under “Settings”, then “Writing”. You are advised to use a WordPress ping plugin called “WordPress Ping Optimizer” to avoid to be marked as a Spam pinger. Read my tutorial below.

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List of Ping Sites:

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