You Were Born Rich – Bob Proctor


You Were Born Rich by Bob Proctor is the book I am reading right now.

Here is the cover.

Bob Proctor

This book is incredible! I have such a good time reading it.

People has been programmed since their youngest age in a certain way, which for some, prevent them to be successful in their lives.

The different chapters show in an understandable language what can be done about it and unlock your power for success.

Below are the 10 chapters:

Chapter 1: “Me And Money”
Chapter 2: “How Much Is Enough?”
Chapter 3: “The Image-Maker”
Chapter 4: “Let Go And Let God”
Chapter 5: “Expect AnAbundance”
Chapter 6: “The Law Of Vibration And Attraction”
Chapter 7: “The Risk-Takers”
Chapter 8: “The Razor’s Edge”
Chapter 9: “Don’t Think In Reverse”
Chapter 10: “The Vacuum Law Of Prosperity”

If you want to make a change in your life for the better, this is the book you MUST read!

Click here to see Bob Proctor‘s book: You Were Born Rich

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