Your Subconscious Mind does not Sleep


Do you know that your subconscious mind never sleeps? In the book I am reading now“The Power of your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy I am learning a few things on how to put my subconscious mind to good use. It is what I wish to share with you today.

Everyone has twenty-four hours in a day and spend about eight hours in sleep. This is one third of the day spent in bed, which also means that one-third of our lives is spent this way. Why do we need so much sleep?

Most people think that they get tired during the day and that the body needs to rest and regenerate while they sleep. This is a plausible explanation, but nothing rests during sleep. All vital organs, heart and lungs do not sleep and are still at work.

The subconscious mind also never sleeps as it controls all the body’s vital function. Guidance is given during sleep, often as a dream and you are spiritually recharged, which gives joy and vitality in your life.

Sleep deprivation causes people to become irritable, moody and depressed. It is known that humans need a minimum of six hours of sleep to be healphy and most people need more. This is why insomnia is a condition that needs to be treated to avoid health issues.

A famous researcher on sleep named Dr John Bigelow says that the main reason people sleep is because “the nobler part of the soul is united by abstraction to our higher nature and becomes a participant in the wisdom and foreknowledge of the gods.”

Sleep is the time when you can solve problems that your conscious mind can’t. Before going to sleep, speak to your subconscious mind about a problem you have or a project you are working on, and trust this infinite intelligence… the solution may come to you when you awaken.

Michel Gerard

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