Your Why is Your Daily Motivator


Daily Motivator: What is your Why in life?

Daily MotivatorEvery person who wants to be successful needs to have a WHY. A “why” is the reason why you want to be successful. Without a daily motivator you will go nowhere as you can’t build a strong desire for success. Your why may be the ability to have your kids going to college, a better life for yourself or helping members of your family.

My why, which is my daily motivator is to provide my daughter Christina with the best education possible, a legacy, and have the freedom to be present with my family more often, which is working from home.

I have had many jobs in the past ten years. I have been teaching languages, as well as computer in a Thai Bilingual school; I have been managing affiliate programs for a well-known marketing firm; I have been organizing International soccer 7s tournaments and conducted other businesses in the company I co-own with a friend; I have been developing websites and blogs; and finally I have been doing Internet marketing for my own projects… simultaneously!

Does reading the above paragraph make you dizzy?

My daily motivator when I started ten years ago was to get a good education to my first daughter Pantika. She graduated in International Hotel management in France a couple of years ago and she is now living in the US. Mission accomplished!

As you can see that was a lot of work for a single person and I often wished I had a twin. I have already cut off some of these activities in order to better achieve my goals, and I intend to keep only Internet marketing and my own company business. Nevertheless, all these activities have made me very comfortable. What I want now is more freedom and get rich.

I guess you want that too!

Daily Motivator – What is your Why?

Published on Mar 15, 2013
Motivational Speaker Malik Champlain gives Keynote speech at East Longmeadow High School Boy’s Basketball Banquet.- 3-12-2013.  Let this be that Motivation to take you to the NEXT LEVEL!!

I hope this blog post about having a WHY has inspired you and that you will find a daily motivatorto reach your goals in life.

And do you know what will fulfill my WHY?


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