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Michel Gerard’s books.

These are all the books I worked on as an author, co-author and editor.

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Internet Marketing books

WordPress Optimization Made Easy and Speed-Up WordPress are my own books.

WordPress Optimization Made Easy Speed-Up WordPress

I worked as a co-author & editor on the following books with Jerry Banfield.

Facebook Marketing and Advertising in 2016 Start a Freelance Business Today The Complete YouTube Book Ubuntu Linux The Complete Google AdWords and YouTube Advertising Book

Self-development books

I worked as an editor on the following books for Jerry Banfield.

Finding Peace One Day at a Time 28 Strategies to Experience Peace and Love in Your Life 28 Guided Meditations for Continuous Self improvement 28 Strategies to Get Rid of Fear, Anger and Frustration in Your Life 28 Thoughts to Help you Find Success in Life 28 Tactics to Improve your Relationships with Others 28 Self Improvement Tips to Better your Life

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