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I am not promoting the Empower Network‘s products and business opportunity anymore.

During my time with them I have learned lots of things and developed very good habits for my Internet business.

I am grateful for this.

Unfortunately, their entry product, the Blog Beast has lots of shortcomings and it is difficult to get good results as it is now.

There is no sign that they will improve it anytime soon.

Also, the very bad reputation the Empower Network has all over the Internet, which is not completely justified, make it very difficult for affiliates, especially new team members to succeed with them.

Nevertheless, I can’t say that their other high-ticket Internet courses are bad, in the contrary, but there are other options on the web.

Dave Sharpe, co-founder, has left the company for Health reasons…

Vick Strizeus, my sponsor and top earner of all times got the boot!

Many top affiliates left as well, which is not a good sign.

If you are still keen on blogging, learning Internet marketing and earning money online…

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