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Need help with your Google Ads?

I have more than 4 years of experience running Google ads with Adwords for clients and my own business, and I am confident that I can help you.

Does that sound familiar?

– $3-5 per click

– Very little results, ads are not running, few clicks and very occasional sales.

– Nobody is buying my services or products after spending hundreds on Google ads.

– I’ve never run a Google ad and don’t know what to do and how it can work for me…

If that sounds familiar, please continue reading, I can help.

When I started doing Google Ads with Adwords 5 years ago I really struggled making ads that worked and that gave me the result I wanted. Like many other beginners I had to pay $5 per click and my budget was quickly spent without any significant results.

I then decided to take a few online courses and that helped me a lot. I do not have a precise number of what I have spent in ads, but it might be over $100,0000+ between my own business and clients.

I imagine you are probably reading this because you don’t have the time to take an AdWords course, practice for two years and spend a lot of money in trials and errors, and you need help with your Google ads immediately.

Am I qualified to manage your Google ads?

Usually, clients come to me after having spent a little fortune per click trying to drive traffic to their website by themselves and with very little results.

It looks like this.


Yes, with £3.44 to £7.32 a click, they got a few sales, but at what price! Google is the real winner here. According to the conversion data it’s £204 per sale and you really need to have a high-ticket product to cover the cost of the ads in these conditions.

This is not isolated as I see the same kind of figures with my other clients in Euro or $USD.

Working with me will get you started on the right foot.

This is after I started a couple of campaigns with the same client, and the ads are still not yet optimized!


As you can see, the average Cost Per Click is already down, which provides more traffic to the website with the same ad budget and it largely covers for my fee.

After optimization of the ads and two months later the cost is down to a reasonable figure and it will continue to improve over time.


Google AdWords is a game of patience and we need to take the time to find out what’s working best for the product and services you sell.

When you work with me, I’m not only doing the ads, but also work on your landing pages because they have to be in sync with the ads.

Most clients and even Adwords managers just use the homepage or another product page…

I don’t!

I will duplicate your homepage or any other page and modify it to fit the ads. I may advise you to have SEO keyword targeted articles written that we also can use for ads. This enable us to have a landing page perfectly optimized for a set of keywords.

When I optimize the ads, the landing page is also tweaked.

I have run different kinds of Google ads with and without extensions, and I’m always ready to explore new possibilities to obtain the best results for you.

The products I have helped sell are children clothing, toys, sports events, online services and digital products, and I have also helped local businesses like clinics and stores.

I do not guarantee any figure for the results of your Google campaigns, but I will do my best to give you the best possible results while aiming to the lower ad cost possible.

The fee you pay for my services will be covered by the money you will save on Google ads!

How do we work together?

Fill in the form below to contact me and discuss what type of campaigns would be best for the results you want or discuss the particular campaign(s) you want to run.

After you have purchased my services, you will have to send me a friend request on Facebook that I will approve, so we can chat, or we can continue by email, if you would prefer.

The cost of your Google ads will be charged directly to you by Google. My service fee is the same whether you spend $10 on ads, $5,000 or more, you have unlimited ad spent. I prefer to work with clients on a monthly fee and long term opposed to individual campaigns because it is the best way we can work together to gain the results you want.

When we discuss the daily/monthly budget for your ads, I take that number as a maximum budget. Some campaigns do not scale-up well and in that case I will not use the maximum budget if I think the cost is a waste of money.

If applicable, I will provide code snippets (pixel) to be added by your web developer onto your site, but the best is that you give me access so I can do it for you and also work on the landing pages.

If you have ad copies and keywords you would like to use, you may provide them. Otherwise, I will create the ad copy do the keyword research.


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