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Need help with your Facebook, Instagram and Messenger Ads?

I have more than 4 years of experience running Facebook ads for clients and my own business, and I am confident that I can help you.

Does that sound familiar?

– $1 per page like

– Very little reach and few engagements on my Facebook posts.

– Nobody is buying my services or products after spending hundreds on Facebook ads.

– I’ve never run a Facebook ad and don’t know what to do and how it can work for me…

If that sounds familiar, please continue reading, I can help.

When I started doing Facebook Ads 5 years ago I really struggled making ads that worked and that gave me the result I wanted. It’s when I decided to take Jerry Banfield’s Facebook Marketing and Facebook Ads course, which was at the time on another platform. I then learned and practiced until now to the point of having an overall ad spent of $150,000 + between my own business and clients.

I imagine you are probably reading this because you don’t have the time to take a Facebook course, practice for two years and spend a lot of money in trials and errors, and you need help with your Facebook ads immediately. #michelgerard

Am I qualified to manage your Facebook, Instagram and Messenger ads?

I have been running Facebook and Instagram ads for more than 4 years and these are the screenshots below showing some stats, with around $115,000 in ad spent, and about $35,000 more I can’t show for because older clients have unlinked their accounts with me. That’s a total of $150,000 in ad spent, and without any good results for myself and clients, I won’t have been this far.

As you can see, money has been spent in Thai Baht, US dollars and Euro, and ads were run targeting specific countries like Thailand, the USA, the UK, Ireland and also worldwide.

Now, what kind of results can I show you?

If you search on Google what the average CPM is for Facebook ads in 2018, you will find figures from $2.80, $7,19, $9.82 to $11.20 per CPM (Cost Per Mille), which is the cost per 1,000 impressions.

These are statistics by Adstage that you can go read here and here.

All that to show you that my average for the following 4 Facebook Ads accounts is quite good compared to the norm.

My CPM goes from $0.73 to $1.56. There are of course other metrics to consider such as CPC, CPV, etcetera, but this can give you an idea of my aim to bring the cost of your Facebook campaigns down.

I have run different kinds of Facebook ads like page likes, engagement ads, lead ads, conversion ads, video ads, but also Instagram ads and Messenger ads, which is done via the same Facebook ads account, and I’m always ready to explore new kinds of ads to obtain the best results for you.

The products I have helped sell are children clothing, toys, electronics, TV equipment, software, sports events, online services and digital products, and I have also helped businesses grow their social proof and presence online.

I do not guarantee any figure for the results of your Facebook campaigns, but I will do my best to give you the best possible results while aiming to the lower ad cost possible.

The fee you pay for my services will be covered by the money you will save on Facebook ads!

How do we work together?

Fill in the form below to contact me and discuss what type of campaigns would be best for the results you want or discuss the particular campaign(s) you want to run.

After you have purchased my services, you will have to send me a friend request on Facebook that I will approve, then set me as an“Ad account advertiser” in your Facebook Ads account and as an “Editor” in your Facebook page. This is explained in my blog post: How to Share your Facebook Advertising Account with a Consultant

The cost of your Facebook ads will be charged directly to you by Facebook. My service fee is the same whether you spend $10 on ads, $5,000 or more, you have unlimited ad spent. I prefer to work with clients on a monthly fee and long term opposed to individual campaigns because it is the best way we can work together to gain the results you want.

When we discuss the daily/monthly budget for your ads, I take that number as a maximum budget. Some campaigns do not scale-up well and in that case I will not use the maximum budget if I think the cost is a waste of money.

If applicable, I will provide code snippets (pixel) to be added by your web developer onto your site. I can also install the pixel for you on your website.

If you have ad copies, images and videos, specific Facebook posts, you would like to use for the ads, you may provide them. Otherwise, I will create the ad copy and design using Facebook images or CC images, use the Facebook tool to make slideshows (if applicable – I will not make videos).


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