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I have started this Michel Gerard Online blog in January 2013 and wrote more than 500 posts on different topics that I like to write about.

My name is Michel Gerard and my passion is Internet Marketing, so this is the main topic I cover in this blog. I then have quite a few post about Motivation and Self-development.

The other topics are about news, UFO’s, aliens and the paranormal, and Thailand. I also have some personal posts so you can learn a bit more about my lifestyle.

I have two other blogs that are more specialized:

If you want to learn about Internet Marketing, I have my IM Study Club, a membership site that you can join for FREEwww.imstudy.club

You can also learn with me on Udemy:

Michel Gerard ~ Udemy instructor
See the courses I teach.

I have written 3 kindle books:

kindle-01-lookinside kindle-02-lookinside kindle-03-lookinside Facebook Marketing and Advertising in 2016

…and contributed to more.

Finding Peace One Day at a Time28 Strategies to Experience Peace and Love in Your Life

Welcome to my world.

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