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Get your Daily Motivation Shot!

Motivational Video (Timeo-Performance)Watch this video on YouTube If you are an entrepreneur like I am and need to have work done consistently in order to achieve your goals, you need motivation. It is quite difficult to stay on the task daily without feeling at some point discouragement, frustration and pain when things are not going Read More →

How to Love your Job…

Zig Ziglar – Attitude Makes All The DifferenceWatch this video on YouTube Everyday you are forced to go to a job that you hate, forced to work with colleagues who have a bad attitude and execute orders of a boss you despise. How the people at work can be changed so you love your job? Read More →

Mindset Development And Maintenance by Les Brown

Mindset Development And Maintenance – Les BrownWatch this video on YouTube Les Brown is a great motivational speaker and his speech on “Mindset Development and Maintenance” is perfect for those who want to improve themselves in the new coming year. Expose yourself to positive messages everyday. Watch videos like these that will inspire you, motivate Read More →

How to Have your Best Year Ever!

The end of the year is a time to see what has been achieved in your life and what was not. It’s a time to make resolutions for the new coming year. Resolutions that will be followed through or abandoned! Jim Rohn Best Life EverWatch this video on YouTube Today, I’d like to share with Read More →

It’s a lie to think that you are not worth anything

LOOK AT YOURSELF AFTER WATCHING THIS.mp4Watch this video on YouTube We often complain about little things happening in our lives without realizing that there are people much less fortunate that we are. Nick Vujicic has been disabled since birth and he has such love living life that we all should see him as an example. Nick is Read More →