The World’s Highest Ranking Alien Believer


The World's Highest Ranking Alien Believer

There are many people around the world who believe that aliens exist and that there are some species living on earth with us. It has always been denied by governments, and those who claim they have seen a UFO or have been abducted are treated like people with mental illnesses.

Paul Hellyer is the world’s highest ranking alien believer and this is what he has to say.


Published on Aug 7, 2013

Paul Hellyer recently stirred up global controversy when he testified before a half-dozen former US representatives that aliens exist. As Canada’s former Minister of Defence, Hellyer is the first and only cabinet-ranking official from a G8 nation to publicly state a belief in extraterrestrials.

MOTHERBOARD visits Paul Hellyer at his cottage in the sleepy and scenic woods of Ontario to find out more about his extraterrestrial claims. This is Paul Hellyer in real life.

Source: Motherboard Youtube Channel

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I hope you enjoyed the interview of the world’s highest ranking alien believer.

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