World History Reloaded an Alternative to Mainstream History!


Is ancient history as we know it a big lie? Listen to World History Reloaded, Jerry Banfield’s latest audiobook on Audible and Amazon Kindle. You may be like me, not satisfied about the mainstream ancient history as it is presented to you. There are many things that can’t be explained in ancient history books like the missing link in man’s evolution and the pyramids, that can be explained when studying evidences that are ignored by scholars and an open mind. This book will help you see that there is more to ancient history that you have ever known.

World History Reloaded
World History Reloaded an Alternative to Mainstream History!

Watch this YouTube video where Jerry Banfield explains what his newest book is about and lets you listen to the executive summary.



Published on Feb 5, 2017

Would you try watching the beginning of my new video class today called WORLD HISTORY RELOADED available on Skillshare at or get the book on Amazon at to see world history the way I do in a way that liberates me from the frustrating limitations I learned in school and places me in a world with a deep sense of where I come from and what my purpose today is?

My total dissatisfaction with the main stream version of history many of us are given started in anthropology class when I was a student in college. As the professor told us how there was a “missing link” that no one had found which connected apes to us, I saw what appeared to be an obvious lie on the degree of “the world is still flat.” That just made no logical sense. The more the professor lectured, the more I wanted to find a source with better information. I was looking for a source that could see beyond the world being flat.

I am myself very interested in all ancient aliens theories as I have watched several episodes of Ancient Aliens and also other programs that present interesting alternatives to what ancient history is in books and at school. We all suspect that alien activity is real considering the number of sightings people have experienced despite the fact that they have been dismissed by governments with often misinformation campaigns.

If we have these kinds of sightings now, it is reasonable to think that men of the past also experienced these sightings and probably had encounters with aliens who helped them or enslaved them to build the pyramids, for example. These ancient aliens might also be the explanation of the missing link in human’s evolution with alien DNA engineering.

I learned a lot of things in World History Reloaded and one I didn’t know in particular is about the circadian rhythm.

The best evidence I have seen of this is what happens with our body’s circadian rhythm in space. Our circadian rhythm on earth is synced up with a 24 hour earth day where our bodily functions such as sleep become aligned with the hours in each day available to us on this planet. What happens in space? Human bodies in space go out of sync with an earth day circadian rhythm and they go in sync with a 24 hour and 40 minute day. This small fact might seem insignificant until you learn that a day on Mars is the exact same length. Why would our bodies as soon as they leave earth sync up to a day on Mars?

That’s very interesting and disturbing at the same time isn’t it? This remind me of the book “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus,” which is also available on Audible.

Jerry Banfield has made World History Reloaded available in a number of ways, if you like to listen to books and already have a membership, you can listen to the audio sample and use one credit to get the audiobook. You may prefer to read the book on your Kindle or order a paperback copy.

But wait, it’s not all, you can also take the class on Skillshare and discuss the information with Jerry Banfield and create your own project.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post about World History Reloaded.

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